One question we’ve been asked a lot is that: why does it need music?
I mean, it’s really hard to picture a movie without music, or a video game without music, or it’s even uncomfortable for us to watch a tv commercial without music; however, the question remains: why?

In my opinion, I think it’s just the same answer to why we spend so many hours of hour day listening to music if it seems not to be that important to our life.
Well… that’s the key: it seems. It affects so much our lives, much more than we think. It’s a way to express, to communicate that uses some rules that are even older than language. It’s not something that we are aware of, but our brain is hardwire in such a way that we know what to feel when we listen to something.

We are somehow, slaves to music: music makes us dance, smile, makes us cry, think, it makes us have feeling of longing, it makes us happy. We don’t even know why. But, our brain is hardwired to respond in a certain way when we listen to certain things. Think about it whenever we hear a baby crying, we stay alert because we know, something is probably wrong. The same happens when we hear screaming asking for help. Both things have something in common, they are in the same frequencies range. When we ask for help, our voice gets automatically higher pitched than normal, and we know someone needs help, no matter if uses the word “help” or just the vowel sound “ah”. See? we don’t even need a word for that, It’s much important how we say things that the words we use. Music, shares this same code with spoken language, only that music, takes mucho shorter paths to get to our emotions than language. So, be it a song, a jingle or just a piece of instrumental music, the music that goes along with some product must be in concordance with what we want to say about our product. There must be prosody. This is vital, and we must always remember that music takes shortcuts to awake feelings and emotions. So, for example, lets say that my product is a bank, so, the music we’re gonna use, must make the listener to feel confidence, security, seriousness. It can’t generate any doubts. The same happens when we face a political jingle in the middle of a campaign: everything must be confident, nothing can sound like a question. It can not generate doubts. It’s not the same to say “vote for me” than to say “well… yeah… vote for me…” In the first one, weather we believe or not in the candidate, we know for sure that the candidate believes in what he/she is saying. In the second example, we know the candidate is not very convinced of what he/she is saying. And we don’t even have to think about it. We don’t know why, but the second candidate doesn’t inspire so much confidence as the first one does.
On the other hand, maybe, our product wants the listener to have a feeling of longing, and there, we don’t need a piece of music that is so confident. Maybe we need something less stable, some doubt, even some sadness.

We invite you to listen to the next stock musics and try to rationalise which of them communicates better what your product is trying to say. We also invite you to take a tour and listen to all our stock music libraries, and maybe you’ll find something that suits the needs of your product, and if you don’t find anything that says what your product has to say, please, contact us and we’ll create a piece of music, a jingle or a song that is in exact prosody with your product and what you wanna say about it.

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