Tutorial: Midi Over WiFi

Today we bring you a very interesting tutorial, specially for those who use CoreMidi apps in your iPads, iPhones or iPods touch.

It’s about sending and receiving MIDI between Mac OSX and iOS apps in order to integrate your iDevice into your DAW, and even use an external MIDI controller.

1-First step: Be sure your Mac and your iDevice are on the same WiFi Network; if you happen to be somewhere where’s no WiFi network available, you can always create one on your Mac. To do that: Airport-> Create network

2- Once we’ve got both devices on the same network, we should open in our iDevice the app we wish to use.

3- Then, back to the mac, we need to open AudioMidi Setup. To do so: Applications-> Utilities-> AudioMidi Setup

4- Once we are there, we need to open MIDI Studio, as we see on the picture next.

5-Once opened, it will show us every MIDI connections we’ve got. As we see in the picture next, besides all synths, interfaces, controllers, etc, it should appear a Network item. We will double-click that icon and get to the next step.

6- A new pop-up window should be opened. First, we’ll go to My Sessions, and create a new session, with the + button right under de dialog box. The Bonjour name on the right, should be the name of our Mac (this is done automatically by default)

Our iDevice should be appearing on Directory and a connect button below the box that we need to connect, and there we are! BTW, it’s pretty important that we give permission to Anyone or Computers on my Network on the menu below.

*Note: if we don’t have any CoreMidi app running on our iDevice, this won’t connect. You must open the app before connecting.

7- Finally, without closing the AudioMidi Setup app, we will open our DAW, and we will see Network under MIDI devices.

In some DAWs like Ableton, we can also sync tempo over WiFi.

Try it at home, and have fun!!