By now, you should already know that we feel really pleased by designing amazing synth presets and awesome and unique SFX…
Oh! you are new around here and didn’t already know? Well… then, check our SFX and Presets!
To design all this great sounds we use some great pieces of gear in what we call “the lab”

Let us introduce you some of the machines we’ve got in here!

The DSI MoPHo: This is one of our favourite tools; an awesome analogue

monophonic syntheziser, but also, works great as an external processor, with its analogue feedback circuit, works great as an exciter giving presence to instruments and vocals. It’s low pass filter works great for anything and add some resonance and and LFO modulating it and you’ve got the funkiest autowah in town!

Korg Monotron Delay: Our lovely favourite for retro style SFX, Sirens, and analogue delay chaotic stuff!

Burns B3 Theremin: The magical instrument played without being touched!

The Nord electro 3: the mighty swedish red

The guitars: as you may know, Mr. Piggy is a synth guy, but sometimes he likes to rock!!

Volca keys: pretty small, but really powerful paraphonic analogue synth!

Volca Beats: Awesome analogue drum machine with lots of character!

Arturia Microbrute: A one oscillator beast with stainer-parker filter!

Zoom h1: Our to go small recorder for outdoors!

Moog Animoog: our digital favourite!

Novation nocturn 49: Our centrepiece at the lab. This guys controls almost everything (still working in making it control the coffee maker… we’re almost there… just wait…)

The acoustic guys: besides all this great gear, we’ve got plenty of acoustic stuff to create awesome sounds (and music) here at piggy’s lab. Hoffman upright piano, Scandalli accordion, Honner melodica, percussion stuff, acoustic and nylon guitars, etc, etc.

So, this is our lab! this is where we design all the great sounds we all love!