Audio & Music production

So, besides being a sound design & music boutique, we are also an audio and music facility located in Montevideo, Uruguay. We love to be global and work for people all around the globe over Skype, and of course if you are in Montevideo, we’d love to have you here!

Our studio consist of two recording rooms, excellent mics, preamps, and outboard gear. Room 1 is acoustically optimised for VO, Foley, ADR and SFX, and Room 2, with it’s natural reverb time, is ideal for recording acoustic instruments. Both rooms are equipped with AC, and Room 1, also has our beautiful Hoffmann upright piano.

The control room is also equipped with AC and Wi-Fi (and our lovely red couch!), and there’s always fresh coffee, tea, mate and… well, those are all the caffeine deviated beverages we’ve got… and for the healthier ones, we’ve also got water and soda. Oh, btw, we are really delightful!!
Come and meet us!